Linux Shell

Air780e 短信转发

注意 此脚本会消耗流量 在更新日志中有提到: V1002已支持SMS中英文短信收发, 支持长短信自动合并. 但值得提醒的是, 电信卡不可用 我用联通卡测试

Understanding Redis Background Memory Usage

Author: Tiago Ilieve Via: Here A closer look at how the Linux kernel influences Redis memory management Recently, I was talking to a long-time friend, previous university colleague and former boss, who mentioned the fact that Redis was failing to persist data to disk in low memory conditions. For that reason, he advised to never let a Redis in-memory dataset to be bigger than 50% of the system memory. Thinking about how wasteful that practice would be, it’s interesting to understand why this can happen and look for alternatives to assure that Redis will be able to use as much memory as there’s available to it, without sacrificing its durability.

rsync 原理

最近研究如何实时的通过rsync传输日志文件,找到下面的文章,很详细。 在开始分析算法原理之前,简单说明下rsync的增量传输功能。 假设待传输