SSH 多路复用加速Ansible

前言 最近发现ansible 执行速度非常慢,执行一次playbook任务部分服务器甚至7秒以上,开启 facts 缓存、pipelining 、mitoge


工作 公司继续效益下滑,仅有的几个项目,上线后,效果也并不好,我去看了一下,发现是新瓶装老酒,作为一个不玩游戏的技术,我都知道这一套已经过时了

Zsh Bindkey Table

Zsh Line Editor VIA If the ZLE option is set (it is by default) and the shell input is attached to the terminal, the user is allowed to edit command lines. There are two display modes. The first, multi-line mode, is the default. It only works if the TERM parameter is set to a valid terminal type that can move the cursor up. The second, single line mode, is used if TERM is invalid or incapable of moving the cursor up, or if the SINGLE_LINE_ZLE option is set.

Solved kubelet E1103 Orphaned Pod

今年在公司一个小项目上部署了 k8s,学以致用。 这两天检查 kubelet 日志的里面发现有这样的错误日志: 1 Nov 3 18:12:26 k8s-02 kubelet: E1103 18:12:26.572010 1324 kubelet_volumes.go:154] orphaned pod "930d1c27-a975-4de5-9e8f-6e74d42d39e5" found, but volume paths are still present on disk : There were