优秀的Arch Linux Live: CDCTKArch 和 ArchBang


一些同学对Archlinux跃跃欲试,苦于Archlinux至简的风格。官方的Archlinux 安装完成后,只有一个文本模式界面,使得很多同学无法连接校园网。这也是我原先苦恼的一个地方。现在,给大家推荐两款优秀的Arch Linux Live CD:CTKArch 和 ArchBang。

CTKArch 和 ArchBang 皆以Openbox作为默认桌面环境。这样在安装Archlinux完毕后,会自动进入Openbox桌面环境。这极大的方便了同学们进行各种操作。


CTKArch is a minimalistic Arch Linux setup (and not a distribution), that comes with a set of carefully selected applications and provides maximum hardware support, exclusively using free open-source software.

It aims at providing the indispensable base applications for a desktop installation, while saving time on the installation process by autoconfiguring the system, in the same way you would have done by hand.

The included applications are chosen among the lighter available, yet keeping the interface user-friendly and the benefits of a rolling-release distribution: CTKArch has become the running proof that this is possible!

Its base principle is to leave the users the choice, when there is one: applications are only included if their usefulness mustn’t be questionable.

CTKArch includes a powerful add-on system, and support for a partition of persistent data, that allow to easily add customized applications to the live system, leaving the base ISO free of software some people may not appreciate.

The CTKArch live CD/USB is installable, for instance on your hard disk or memory card.

Once installed, it becomes a classical Arch Linux installation, with applications for web browsing, e-mail, chat, FTP, file-management & archiving, office, image, audio and video viewing & edition, and CD burning: just as if you had spent your day choosing them.


目前,CTKArch 版本为0.7。


ArchBang is a simple GNU/Linux distribution which provides you with a lightweight Arch Linux system combined with the Openbox Window Manager.Suitable for both desktop and portable systems – It is fast, stable, and always up to date.


Archbang最新版本为ArchBang 2011.09。